Elizabeth Weinstein



Before meeting with Elizabeth, my only word to describe how I felt about soon giving birth to my first baby was “terrified”. I had been through an emotionally difficult and stressful pregnancy, and being told I was not a candidate for an epidural paralyzed me with fear. I was scared of the unknown, the pain that so many mothers talk about, and taking care of a fragile newborn right after. I decided one day that I owe it to myself and my baby to invest in us and learn how to embrace my own upcoming labor and delivery experience. 

Elizabeth taught me countless ways to get through painful contractions, as well as teaching my mom (my main support person) how to best support me during them. The weeks leading up to my birth, I grew more passionate about learning about natural childbirth and how to embrace the sensations. Elizabeth also instilled in me the power and importance of informed consent in the hospital setting. She offered me continued emotional support in times of self doubt, as well as support for my family and I after birth. I will forever be grateful for the experience I had during my first childbirth, and I owe so much of the empowerment and knowledge that I gained to Elizabeth’s help. It would not have been the same without her!

/  Amelia  /

K's Birth

Elizabeth helped me feel in control during labor and gave me the assistance I needed to achieve the birth experience I had hoped for.  Her use of comfort measures was seamless and completely in tune with what I needed, often without me having to even think about or say what that was.  I felt incredibly supported during pregnancy and labor and I will always be grateful for her presence at my daughter’s birth. 

/  Kristen  /

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Elizabeth has a passion for birth work that is thorough and genuine and deeply felt by those around her.  Her excitement and willingness to be completely present for her clients - whether it is with resources or a listening ear or techniques for working through whatever is happening at the moment - make her an incredible support during pregnancy, labor, and birth.  Her heart is as warm and open as her contagious laugh and her gifts are an asset to the birth community.

/ Brittany McCollum, CCE, CD, Blossoming Bellies Birth /


Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end! Her demeanor, energy, voice and physical touch techniques were just what we needed! She was so friendly, approachable, caring and attentive during all the stages we went through together. I was preparing for birth using Hypnobabies, and she was happy to learn the key terminology and support mechanisms to help me, which was going above and beyond. We really appreciated her tips, practicing counter-pressure moves and talking through key birth plan topics during our prenatal visits. During birth, we started at the Birth Center and had to transfer to the hospital, and she was so helpful in being our voice, helping us gently question suggested interventions, and provided continuous support through my long birthing. For our postpartum visit, she was so sweet to bring us homemade soup and talk through the birth, reflect and share how it went. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Elizabeth, regardless of the kind of birth you want for yourself. If you are planning a natural, unmedicated birth like we did, you'll especially be glad to have her! An extra support person is vital to help the mama and her main support person.

/  Tatiana  /

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I immediately felt like Elizabeth was someone I could connect with.  Once I contacted her she was easy to communicate with, very calm, responsive and easy going.  Elizabeth has a calm about her that helped my husband and I so much during pregnancy, the birth process and our postpartum care.  My husband was hesitant to hire a doula, but upon meeting Elizabeth he realized that she provided a calmness and knowledge that we both needed.  

Towards the last few weeks of my pregnancy I became extremely anxious and exhausted.  The baby had dropped and I would go into prodromal labor nearly every afternoon and nothing came out of it.  Elizabeth checked in daily to make sure I was okay and gave me resources to help calm me (acupuncture, herbs, etc.).  She calmed me by telling me that her experience has been that when babies take awhile like this they often come quickly once labor begins.  I had no idea how wise Elizabeth was until the night I went into labor.  

When I finally went into labor, things moved very quickly.  Once I realized it was the real deal, we had about 3 hours before baby boy was born.  My husband and I had planned to meet Elizabeth at the birth center I was working with.  However, we quickly realized that baby boy had other plans and wanted to arrive rather quickly.  Elizabeth rushed to our car in the middle of the Philadelphia streets as I sat in the front seat trying to figure out how to deliver this baby safely. She immediately came in and calmed me down. I was anxious about pushing, but also felt like I couldn’t stop by body from pushing.  She reminded me to breath and gave me permission to push if I needed to.  She reminded me that everything was going to be okay.  She explained to my husband that we would not make it to the birth center and told him to go to the nearest hospital.  She helped him navigate the hospital all while helping me remain calm.  Once in the hospital she made sure I had a voice, even though I hadn’t planned to deliver in a hospital setting.  She took the moments between contractions to ask me what I wanted to make sure I got a birth that I would feel good about.  When the OB told me to get on my back to push, Elizabeth helped remind me that I could also choose a different position, all while being respectful of the practicing OB.  This made me feel so empowered and in charge of my birth, even though it was not what I had planned.  A few minutes after arriving at the hospital I delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy.  Elizabeth stayed with us for a few hours after the birth and made sure we were doing okay.  

After the birth, Elizabeth made sure all was going well.  She brought us homemade soup and checked in to see what other resources she could help us with.  My husband and I would not have been able to make it through the birth of our baby with empowerment and calmness without Elizabeth.  She is extremely wise and has an incredible ability to think clearly during the stresses of labor.  

/  hannah  /


I met Elizabeth last year through a mutual client. At the home visit, she struck me as very poised, pleasant, and deeply focused. When she was called to the birth, the mom had been having a difficult time getting through early labor. Elizabeth very instinctively assisted her with comfort measures and positional changes to get her over the hump. She stayed with her through the night and never gave up on her. She remained patient, present, and intentional. She made such an impression in that process that I invited her to join my practice’s network of Doulas. There are many gifted Doulas in our city but Elizabeth is among a select group of Doulas that I truly trust and value to be part of the birth team. 

/ Asasiya Muhammad, CPM, Inner Circle Midwifery /

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Elizabeth was warm, kind, and supportive from the beginning. I was so grateful to have her as a resource during my pregnancy and as I had more questions as the due date got closer. I had planned a birth center delivery, but ended up having to transfer to a hospital during active labor. Elizabeth was an incredible support for me during really difficult contractions, and I know that she was a grounding, reassuring presence for my partner and sister, especially during a stressful transfer. My baby was born healthy (and 2 weeks late!). Elizabeth was such an important part of my baby’s birth and preparing for birth – thank you so much!

/ Susannah /


Heading into top surgery (gender affirmation chest surgery), I was feeling very apprehensive about my post-op recovery process.  A friend of mine who had given birth earlier in the year recommended I reach out to a postpartum doula, since the types of care needed overlap a lot (helping prepare food, do laundry, bathing, etc).  I immediately thought of reaching out to Elizabeth, and I'm so glad I did.  Her patience, kindness, and expertise were a huge factor in my recovery.  I recommend anyone getting gender affirmation surgeries to reach out to her for support or for recommendations.  Trans-affirming healthcare can be difficult to find in Philly, but between her support and that of Einstein Hospital's PRIDE Clinic, I was able to access the care I needed and have a smooth recovery.

/ post-op doula client / 

Elizabeth Weinstein Philly Doula

Elizabeth was extremely helpful, competent, and so dedicated. She was available to help me even when my husband fell asleep. We were so grateful for her calming presence.

/ Amanda, Homebirth client /


Elizabeth is an incredibly compassionate person, who I am blessed to have as a doula peer. I am always confident referring clients to her, and using her as my back up doula. The way that she shows up in the world is healing for all those around her - and she gives the best hugs in Philadelphia.

/ Jenna Brown, doula, Love Over Fear Wellness /