Birth is our way into the world.

My mission is to uphold the transformational power of birth. I believe in the power of the birthing body.  Through connection with our bodies, our loved ones, and our innate wisdom and strength, we welcome new life and all the possibilities it brings.


My Work is

Body Centered As a movement artist and somatic educator, I have spent my life in awe of the power of the human body. I integrate embodied birth practices into my care through mindfulness, improvisation, deep listening, and a fierce commitment to every body’s innate wisdom

Trauma Informed As a trauma informed care provider, I recognize that traumatic histories can shape our reactions to physical and emotional change, interactions with care providers, and the postpartum recovery process. I work with clients to build trauma informed birth plans and to ensure that everyone involved in your care knows that you are always the expert on your own body.

Trans Affirming I honor and uphold the right to self-determination and bodily autonomy for all people. As a trans affirming care provider, I advocate for gender affirming birth options at all levels of care.