Movement, sounding, and an ability to tune into our body’s most authentic impulses are essential for ease in labor. In this workshop, participants learn simple exercises to discover these tools, building trust and connection with their bodies in a relaxed and creative environment.

our next workshop is being offered june 22, 2019

This workshop is taught in collaboration with Leah Stein, founder and artistic director of Leah Stein Dance Company. As a movement artist, educator, and doula, I have worked for years to try to articulate the places where my passion for movement and birth meet. In braiding these two passions together, Leah and Elizabeth offer something completely unique — a workshop that teaches the tools of movement improvisation, deep listening, and vocalization to prepare for childbirth and new parenthood. 

What is Deep Listening? 

Deep listening, a practice first coined by composer Pauline Oliveros, describes a practice of listening cultivated by heightened awareness, improvisation, and playfulness. Through the practice of listening and sound making we can access a greater sense of trust and connection with our bodies, transform our pain response systems, activate our body’s innate ability to heal, and tune into intuitive movement patterns. Designed for pregnant people, birth partners, and birth workers, this workshop uses the practice of deep listening and improvisation to prepare families to approach their birth and new parenthood with resilience, intuition, and joyfulness.